Frequently Asked Questions


What does the pupRunner weigh?

All pupRunners are made from aluminum with stainless steel bolts and nuts.  Aluminum provides excellent strength while minimizing weight.  The small pupRunner weighs in at just over 40 pounds, with the medium at 46 pounds and the large at 52 pounds.

What finish is applied?

All pupRunners are finished in a durable powder coat, available in several colors.

What is the guarantee?

Our pupRunners come with a thirty day money back guarantee and a limited one year warranty against defects in manufacturing or workmanship.

What is the purpose of the front basket?

The front basket serves two purposes, it is a handy storage place for treats, leashes, water, or anything you might need on your ride.  It is serves to "square up" the pupRunner after it has been transported in the folded position.

Can I place a child in the pupRunner with or without a dog?

In a word, NO.  The pupRunner was designed for dogs.  There are many bike trailers built especially for children.


What size pupRunner do I need?

The small pupRunner is ideal for toy and miniature breeds.  The ride platform and the run area is 18" by 20".  The medium pupRunner is great for medium sized dogs, or two smaller breed dogs.  The ride platform or run area is 22" by 28" on the medium pupRunner.  Finally, the large pupRunner is for those breeds that take control of a situation, or for two medium sized dogs.  The platform and run area on the large pupRunner is 26" by 28".

Can I have two dogs running or riding?

Yes, just make certain that the pupRunner you choose is wide enough to accommodate both dogs.

Can I have one dog running and one riding?

Yes, again make certain that your pupRunner can accommodate both dogs.

How will I know when my dog gets tired?

We sell and recommend a mirror for your bike so that you can keep an eye on your best friend.  Also, you will be able to feel your dog slowing down when they get tired.  Then you can pull over and put the fold away floor panel down, put your dog on it, can continue your ride.